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My Fall/Winter Wish List 2019

September 12, 2019

Hi Friends!

So I am super excited about writing this post as I’ve never done anything like this before. Fall is by far my favorite season for fashion and every year I’m always tempted to buy into every trend that’s out there. Unfortunately, with the way my bank account is set up, that’s just not possible, lol. I thought a Wish List would be a great way to stay focused and limit any impulsive purchases and today I am sharing some of my top picks for Fall/Winter.

Aviator Jacket

Nothing says effortlessly cool than an aviator jacket! From the relaxed masculine silhouette to the matte leather finish they are just so flattering on everyone wearing them. I’ve had my eye on this style since last year and now I am hoping that this year, I’ll finally be able to get my hands on one; for a good price of course! My color of choice is definitely the black on black like I have pinned below.


Square Toe Boot

Now this trend might not be for everyone but that’s okay because it’s definitely for me! The square toe silhouette channels the clean understated vibe of the 90’s and yet it just has a way elevating every look into something special. Something about the silhouette also gives me a strong, masculine feel that really works well with dresses and skirts. I’ve yet to see a pair that I did not like. Right now, I’m torn between a basic black style or one with some exaggerated gold/silver hardware attached. Are we feeling square toe boots for fall?

Leather Gloves

Nothing says practical and sophisticated in my book than a pair of leather gloves. Fall is cute and all but I absolutely cannot cope with cold hands and a pair of leather gloves will make a great addition to my fall wardrobe. They also go with everything and can be a great accessory for an outfit.

Plaid Anything

Plaid has always been a staple for the Fall Season but I always pass on this trend. This year however, I am plaid obsessed! The styling this year has been so good. Just take a look at some of the styles from the TommyHilfigerxZendaya Fall 2019 Collection if you are not convinced. I’m seriously contemplating going big with a statement coat. I love the coats styles I am seeing so far but a plaid skirt or pant would be a good starter into this trend too!

Power Suit

I live for women that can rock the hell out of a pant suit. But not just any kind of suit; think strong shoulders, boxy silhouette, a bold color or print. Whether for the office or a night out, the possibilities are endless and I love that they can be worn year-round! I’ve tried on a few suits this year but I still haven’t found the one. Hopefully we’ll find it soon.

What fashion items are on your Wish List for Fall 2019? Make sure to tell me in the comments!

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