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Get Fit With Me – #NewYearNewMe

January 15, 2019

Hard to believe it’s 2019! And with every new year that rolls in, the ever burning desire to get in shape continues to be at the top of everyone’s list. It could possibly be due to the guilt most people feel after overindulging over the holidays but like most of you out there I can safely say I am no different!

I am definitely on the get in shape wave but it wasn’t always that way. I’ve had to learn to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and so far, I’ve been able to pretty much maintain a balanced weight for most of my adult life. This year however, I want to take things up a notch. Not only do a I want to maintain a healthy weight, I also want to get, look and feel stronger. It will definitely require a lot of discipline and I am always up for a challenge. But I also have a few tricks which I will be sharing in today’s post, that I plan to implement to keep me on the right track.


New Gear Who Dis?

New gym gear can make you feel more confident and motivated

I don’t know about you, but new workout gear ALWAYS gets me motivated to get back in the gym. New gym gear makes me feel more confident, and when I’m looking snatched in my gym leggings, I just feel extra pumped to get up and move. So when you’re getting back into the swing of things, find cute workout gear that will motivate you to get your sweat on. Fashionnova and Burlington are my favorite spots for cute and inexpensive gym fits.

Get A Workout Partner

A workout partner can hold you more accountable to your fitness goals

A workout partner will hold you more accountable to your fitness goals so enlist your BFF, significant other, or even a relative to get back into it with you. I’m lucky enough to have my hubby for a workout partner. Some days I swear he’s trying to kill me, lol, but overall it makes for great bonding time and loads of laughs!

Get Your Diet On Track


Plan your diet and eating habits like you do your workouts

Diet plays a key part in your fitness journey so do not delay planning your diet and eating habits like you will your workouts! Consider weekly meal preps or smoothie recipes to keep you nourished and filled throughout the day. There are plenty food pages you can follow online for recipe ideas as well. @eatgoodkitchen is one of my favorite pages on Instagram. From desserts to smoothie ideas they have everything you can think of to spice up your fitness diet.


Try Something New


New ways to exercise equals new ways to target muscles

A new class or gym can be just the thing to get you in the mood for working out. For me I love trying new exercises and machines. It allows me to target muscles in different ways and it doesn’t hurt that the results are pretty fire too!

Soooo, will you be getting with me this 2019?
Let me know down below!

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